Our brand of insulation foil is produced in house in our factory using the latest technologies. We are able to produce Foil to suit a variety of customer specifications and requirements.
This is a new environmental friendly heat insulation material, which consists of properties like soft, light and easy to install. It is made from aluminium foil and polyethene by special machinery with no odour and toxicity. Not only overcomes the discomfort and environmental damage brought by glass fibre and epispastics materials, but the product also can resist ultraviolet radiation that can penetrate through sheet iron, concrete, wood and other common heat insulation materials. This new heat insulation material not only has good insulation, heat reflection & insulation and anti-radiation functions but also has a good moisture barrier, heat preservation and energy-saving functions in housing construction.
We customise the product according to your requirements to provide you with the ideal eco-friendly and cost effective solution.

Our Products come in following dimensions.

  • Foil Single Side/Double Side.
  • Available in thicknesses from 1mm to 50mm
  • Available in lengths of 1m to 100m
  • Apart from the available dimensions, the products can be customised according to your requirements

Foil Insulation Guidelines

  • Lay Eco-Foil over and across the purlin, making sure aluminium foil facing the roof sheets
  • Attach one end of the foil to the top most purlin at the upper end of the roof by means of reverts or self-tapping screws
  • Use air gap tape lay over the Foil along the purlin to get a fine fixing effect and also to create the air gap
  • Gently pull tight from the lower end of the foil and avoid sagging and attach the foil to the next purlin at the lower end
  • This method should be continued till the foil reaches the last purlin at the lower end (air gap tape should fix along all the purlin)
  • Make sure the tension of foil along the length is almost equal to ensure a better jointing effect, which gives the fine finish and appearance to the insulation without sagging and opening between seams
  • After installing the first length of Foil, roofing sheets can be installed over the insulation as per roofing sheets manufacturer’s instructions
  • Lay the second length of Foil sheet parallel to the first length making sure seam is joined by the butt joint or overlap joint (about 50mm)
  • Butt joint is recommended for thickness 8mm and above and overlap joining is recommended for thickness below 8mm
  • Use company recommended Aluminum self-adhesive tape for butt joint and double side adhesive tape for lap joint
  • Attach the second length of Foil sheet also to purlin by means of air gap tape and reverts or self-tapping screws.

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