Leland gutters complement to our roofing and cladding, giving a for rich appearance for your building. The hi-tensile material used for gutters can with stand the weight of water to be held by the gutter without damage its shape and form. Hi-tensile gutters also facilitate alignment and a neat finish in fixing, in comparison to gutters made from Industrial and Residential.

Product Specifications :

Tensile strength: G550
Coating mass: AZ 150
Recommended total coated thickness: 0.47 mm
Colour range: Refer The Colour Card
Gutter & Flashing designs: customized gutter &  flashing designs also accepted
Girth: Available in 305mm (12”), 457mm (18”), 610mm (24”) and 914mm (36”)
Standard length: 13 Ft. We can provide up to 6-meter lengths for customized orders

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